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What's the Best Sleep Position?

We are constantly asked this question, and with good reason. Getting good sleep is important for proper healing, energy, and emotional well-being.But if you sleep incorrectly, it can place MORE stress on the spine and body. Here are some guidelines for achieving a proper sleeping position:

  1. Sleep on your back or side only, NO stomach sleeping. Stomach sleeping puts the neck under tremendous stress while you sleep!

  2. Use a properly fitted cervical pillow to support your head and neck in a natural position. Ask us if you're not sure what this means.

  3. To reduce any stress on the low back, place a small pillow under the knees if your back, or between the knees if on your side.

  4. Keep your arms close to the body (e.g. not above your shoulders or underneath the pillow. If you have an extra pillow, hug it. This will keep your arms in the correct position.

More questions? Let us know if there's anything we can answer for you!